5 remarkable qualities of effective online content

Successful content increases your website traffic, leads. It retains visitors and turns them into customers. But how effective is it? Check if it has these 5 qualities. 

You probably know that content marketing is a seriously hard work. Only 60% of brands manage to produce content consistently. If you are not in this statistic, you’re losing money.  

According to the research marketing intelligence SaaS Beckon, only 5% of content compiles 90% of all engagement. That means that your golden 5% is doing almost all the work. Can we increase this productive part to 10 or 15?

Here are 5 qualities of highly effective content.

1. Effective Content has a Great Headline

In copywriting even a single word can affect a campaign completely. Why the headline is the most important part of content? 

It is the very first part of your copy that a potential customer reads. Headlines are rather vital to your copy’s success.

As famous David Ogilvy said, “It follows that unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90 percent of your money…”

Let your headlines be written according to the main rule in headline writing. The basic purpose of the headline is to encourage visitors to read the first sentence.

If your headline is unique and useful, it persuades more people to read your content. Otherwise, your potential customers will search the solution for their problems somewhere else. 

Great headline really does pay off. Create the best of them for your copies.

2. Effective Content Puts the Reader First

“Put the reader first!”

It is an age-old principle of writing. All the “rules” you know come straight from this one.

When you create content, it is not about you. It is about your readers and customers. They don’t care about your business and the rate of the sales. They really care about their needs. 

Your customers don’t need a quarter-inch drill. Give them a quarter-inch hole. Be attentive to what your prospects saying and produce materials based on those interests.

If you want to write something engaging, put the readers first. 

3. Effective Content Educates 

“Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.”

- Nelson Mandela

What is educational content? It is when you focused not on what you want to say, but on what your audience wants to learn. It can be tutorials, recipes, product reviews, how-to videos, fitness tips, career advice etc.

  • Do your best to know who you are writing for?
  • What are your clients’ pain points?

Make their interests as a peak of a topic of your copy. Makes your customer’ lives better in a reader-friendly way.

When you teach your customers they don’t mind being sold to. Education” through content marketing is a fuel for your business. It helps to build a trusted and emotional connection with your brand.

The great example of producing educational content is Whole Foods. They write delicious recipes, tips to keep the kids healthy. Whole Foods’ blog is unique and exciting. 

4. Effective Content Provides Value 

When you create content, ask yourself “Does it provide value to the audience?” If your copy just promote your services, it would be boring for the readers. It must educate, entertain or solve your audience’ problem. 

Your content like a dish. The customers can ignore it, if they don’t see value. 

5. Effective Content Tells a Story 

The best way to add value to your content is a story. Storytelling is a great tool to communicate to your audience. It speaks to the motivating action centers within the human brain in a unique way.

“Effective content marketing is about mastering the art of storytelling. Facts tell, but stories sell.”

– Brian Eisenberg

Why it is so important for the sales? Because buying decisions are 20% logical and 80% emotional. Stories able to engage visitors emotionally. A good brand story is entertaining, relevant and memorable. 

Create a story and tell people how your company started. Tell about the difficulties and taught times in your life. Customers like honesty. You can also craft the story of your product. 

Great stories bridge your brand to customers. They have the power to instantly turn casual strangers into the long-term customers.

Use this power!

So the effective content is supposed to accomplish your business goals. But it has to:

  • inform;
  • entertain;
  • inspire;
  • educate;
  • engage.

If your content is interesting, educated or entertaining enough, people will be happy to share it with their friends.

Whatever’s working; do more of it!


Author: Svitlana DomanchukCopywriter

Опубліковано в категоріях: Marketing Secrets

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