How to make Your About Page More Engaging

About Page is not a cliché. Your About Page is one of the most visited pages on your website. 

Today, users have a very short attention span online. So a good About Page is simple, clear, and it tells about just a few main things.

Don’t call it “Experience” or “The Scoop”. Call it “About Page”. Make it easier to find out who you are, what you do, and why I have to read your site.

Band is a creative studio based in the Pacific Northwest.

Their About Us page is interesting by showing some of their unique and creative projects.

So let’s make it easy for you to have a stunningly helpful, user-friendly About Page.

#1: Mention your name and credentials

Your readers would really like to know who you are. They need your name, introduce yourself.

If you want to have a little privacy, it can be not your real name. You can work and write under professional pseudonyms.

Make sure you’re listed your credentials. List your certifications, awards, or other credibility boosters– all of those things that tell your potential customers you actually know your topic.

#2: Download your photo

Today, some people are afraid of harassment or abuse if they post a photo. But it is more comfortable to hire or recommend you if I understand who you are.

When readers have your name and photo, you become much easier for them to remember.

#3: Make your writing interesting

Very often people don’t know how to write About Page. 

Create interesting content. Remember that your writing voice helps to figure out who you are.

#4: Use video on your About Page

Some web users love video – and some of them don’t like at all.

But a short interesting video can create quick rapport on your site.

#5: Tell the story

Do you like storytelling? I am a fan of stories. They are awesome. Storytelling is the one of the few techniques can change people’s minds. 

Tell your readers the story of how you start your business, the story of your product. For example, Marie Catrib's about us page tells a story of the chef behind its restaurant.

When we tell an engaging story, people will not only buy our product, but retell it to their friends.

#6: Make your About Page not about you

It is perfectly natural if you wrote the information about yourself on your About Page.

Don’t miss the one important thing: About Page is actually about the person who land on your site.

Tell your customers about why they have to read your site, how you can help them, and what problems to solve.


#7: Add value proposition

The value proposition makes your brand appeal to readers and let you stand out from the competition.

Let’s see the Simple as Milk’s value proposition. The company uses just one-page design to tell us what it does and who they are.


About Page is still important page of a website. Don’t make it the most boring corporate copy you have ever seen. 

Getting to know people online is hard, but it's possible.

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Author: Svitlana DomanchukCopywriter

Опубліковано в категоріях: Marketing Secrets

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