How to Close the Deal with Your Copy

Sometimes prospects may need a little extra help for taking an action immediately.

What can we do with our copy so as maximize conversions?

Copywriting is not necessarily about writing well. It’s about writing persuasively.

You want to write a persuasive copy that effectively presents your product. However, if you don’t know how to close the deal with copy, your hard work will be useless. You just pull down your customers.

How to be more persuasive from start to finish? How to close more deals with your copy?

#1: Write a great value proposition 

According to Nielsen Norman Group, you have a very small amount of time to grab a visitor’s attention before they leave your page (a max of 20 seconds).

So you need to propose them something valuable and unique. 

What is value proposition?

Is it a meaningless slogan, which many businesses put on their sites? A value proposition is a main reason prospects should buy from you and choose it over the rest. Your customers see “What’s in it for them”.

A compelling value proposition shows how your brand stands apart from the competition, and needs of your target audience.

Don’t make it too long. Getting too complex tends to dilute the message and confuse prospects. The most effective value proposition is short and clear.

Test your value proposition on your site. If you get it great, it will be a huge boost.

#2: Create a Compelling Offer

The offer is key. It is like a gateway to untapped potential and profits.

How can you make the offer more attractive to your customers?  It is no simple matter. 

You need to understand those three things: 

  • You have to know your customer.
  • You need specific knowledge about the business environment and your niche.
  • You need to know your competition. 

A little creativity can help you create a compelling and unique offer. Create the most compelling offer possible and boost response rates.

For example, Tony Robbins’ offer – 

#3: Add a Sense of Urgency 

Often, customers not quite ready to buy and hand over their money. That’s why marketers used to create a sense of urgency. 

Effective ways of making sense of urgency:

a) using words “now” or “today” 

The simple way are call-to-action buttons like “buy now” or “order today”.

b) providing a real reason why it is urgent

Providing limited time offers is one way to create a feeling of urgency.

c) selling limited quantities

For example, mention a limited number of available spaces in your copy.

You can restrict quantities on purpose, or they are limited in fact. But don’t lie because that would be unethical!

#4: Mention a Guarantee

Another copywriting staple is the true guarantee, which make the purchase seem less risky. There’s one more thing no business can operate profitably without.

It can be:

1 year limited warranty.

Return within 90 days for a full refund.

Whatever it is that you’re offering (a product, service), you’ll have a much better chance of success if you make guarantees as compelling as possible.

#5: Show a Social proof

“Social proof maintains that people are especially likely to perform certain actions if they can relate to the people who performed the same actions before them. It is one six principles of persuasion”.

- Robert Cialdini

Social proof is the fastest way to calm customer fears, build trust, and increase your sales by showing your brand as popular or credible.

There are different types of social proof. For example, testimonials, case studies, ratings, honors, awards, memberships etc.

#6: Explain the Features

“People don’t buy product features. They buy the added value the product creates in their life”.

You need to explain how your product works. Include a few key details that explain why your product is the bee’s knees. Keep it simple.

Here’s an example:

#7: Make List of Benefits

“Benefits need not be unique, but they must be compelling.”

How to write good benefits?

Simply translate features into benefits by asking the right question: “How does this feature help your customer?”

Write how the product fulfills a need or desire of your target audience. In other words, explain how your customers’ lives will be better after they buy your product.

#8: Create CTA

Call to action is a way to ask customers whether they are ready to buy. Perhaps if you don’t do this they may never decide to make a purchase. 

A call to action is a simple command that directs customers to take some sort of action (to buy, sign up, or start a free trial etc). 

Make your CTA direct and clear. No reason to complicate it.

These were key steps to closing the deal with your copy. Repeat your main benefits that begin with the phrase “You get.” This phrase is so powerful!

Good conversion rate!

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Author: Svitlana DomanchukCopywriter

Опубліковано в категоріях: Marketing Secrets

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