How to make your marketing more successful? 7 Secrets

What do the potential customers think about your brand? Do they believe your words and messages? What is marketing, indeed?


What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear «marketing»? Advertising? Just selling stuff? Particularly you are right… 

Your  potential customers know you want to sell them something and feel suspicion anything you say. Sometimes people think marketing is a synonym for lies or manipulation. 

So what is marketing?

Marketing (Internet marketing as well) is how to make relationship with the customers. It is about what you say to your target audience and what you hear in return.

 Secret # 1: Make your Marketing more Human

Creating a strong emotional connection with your existing customers is rather profitable. It takes fewer resources than selling to someone who doesn’t know you.

Turn your individuality into your brand. Don’t be a faceless company. You can choose a person that customers can identify with your company. It’s a good way to build personal relationship with them. A human face of the company gives you a benefit of the doubt. 

Create a personal connection in your own way.

 Secret # 2: Use Magic Words “We Love our Customers”

It is twenty times more difficult to find strangers than it does to keep loyal folks. You need to bring in some big-time clients. This way you’ll be able to make a contact with customers and build trust. 

Marketing is very similar to a romantic relationship. You say, “We love our customers. Thank you for being with us”. And they want to hear it from you all the time, like the romantic partner.

Send your best customer little gifts (a version of your product, for example). Be careful and never treat new clients better than existing ones. 

Just make a point of this rule: say “I love you” to your customers as often as you can.


Secret # 3: Tell the Truth

Real connection is possible, then you are honest. Tell the truth, be real.

Trustful relationship takes a long time to build. You need to put the time in. So keeping showing up will help you.

 Secret # 4: Keep Showing up

It doesn’t matter how genius your content is. Keep writing. Keep showing up in your blog, sending great emails and make unique offers.

80% of your success is your ability to show up.

It is also important where you are showing up. The best place is the platform, where your potential clients hang out. The next step – consider how to take part in a conversation there. Be interactive, ask and answer the questions. Make yourself useful and you’ll get better results.

 Keep showing even when it gets really hard.

 Secret # 5: Be Yourself

 People (and businesses as well) usually wear universal masks. What makes you valuable and interesting? It's called a unique value proposition. Write it in a way that allows you to sound unlike all your competitors.

 Just be yourself, and someone will like you exactly as you are. You remember it.  

 Secret # 6: Pay better Attention to Feedback

Marketing is not about you. It is about your customers. Your own policies, rules, challenges are important. But if you ignore the customers (their needs, complaints, feedback, useful information) you are a bankrupt.

Your customers fund your payroll. Pay better attention to their feedback. It makes your marketing efforts more effective and profitable. Any annoying customer’s grousing or complaint gives you a chance to make useful changes and improve the marketing process.

Measure all kinds of your communication. Check how your customer responds to your e-mails, blog, posts in Social Media. What kind of content seems to be the best?

Ask your customers tons of questions to get more information that is valuable. Keep communicating, and you’ll do more of the right things.


Secret # 7: Don’t Talk like to a Crowd

It doesn’t matter how big is your business and how many people you connect, every customer wants to be the one and special.

Talk to one person. When you write your blog or e-mail keep in mind your buyer persona (your perfect customer). Check every word and sentences if they are relevant for her (him).

Use your customer’s language (the same phrases, examples). Make your message more natural for them and natural to you. You can create a great personal connection with your customers like famous brands (Coca-Cola, Nike). Or even better.

 What about you?

So marketing is not about primitive annoying prospects or one-time purchases. It is about nurturing relationships with customers.

This way, we can check ourselves if we are good at marketing. What of these 7 secrets you’ve already known? Was there something new for you?


Author: Svitlana DomanchukCopywriter

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